We are supplying the optimum solutions to the data centers for environmental monitoring and power management solutions. The efficiency of the products which we offered are tested real time. We have imported samples for every product we want to offer and after testing them in a real data center environment, we decide to offer as solutions. With the solution we offer, we are targeting to increase efficiency in the data centers.

The products that we are offering supply the following solutions for your needs;


-   Increase the efficiency for power management 

-   Adding value for monitoring and controlling the environment  

-   Supplies Safety environment for the devices in your data center 

-   Helps your workflow for better usage of time 

-   To log statistics of the past events and values

Helps your company for future planning of the data center

You can review the technical documents, example applications, or you can contact with us for how the products  in our portfolio supplies benefits and solutions for your company.

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Sample Application


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