Unite Technologies

The importance of environmental monitoring solution is increased in the last years under the green it solutions topic. 

Environmental monitoring products  provide solution to increase efficiency in the data centers and usage of products in a secured way.

Unite Technologies CL-AMP Current Sensor

CL-AMP current sensor supplies the users to measure current directly from the cable without any power leakage. Current sensor support up to 32A current in mono-phase systems.

Unite Technologies Egale-I

Sinetica EAGLE-I product is designed for data centers in medium and large scale. EAGLE-I has two power inputs so it can be connected to two different ups’ for power redundancy. The device has 12 environmental sensors input and 6 current sensor input.

Unite Technologies Power Hawk

Sinetica Power Hawk product is designed to environmental and energy monitoring for small size data centers. The device has two environmental sensor input and two energy current sensor input

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